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Private Chef

If you are in need of a private chef, Catered With Class can provide you with your very own private chef who can make you fantastic meals. Whether you are looking for a one time service or need someone to take care of your dinners during the week, we have got you covered.

Our catering company will send out our professional chefs to prepare you the very best meals. They will be able to do wine pairing for you and meal planning. If you are looking for a personal chef for a smaller catered event, let us know and we can schedule a consultation. One of our chefs can prepare all of your meals for you so you can make sure you are eating healthy throughout the week. This could be the extra step toward achieving your goals. No matter what you are looking for, a private chef can come to your home and prepare you quality dishes. We offer office catering, corporate catering, and wedding catering.

If you are interested in hiring a private chef, call Catered With Class in Vallejo, CA today!